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LOOK S-Track Carbon Ti Pedals

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The Look S-Track pedal is the first in the world of mountain biking to offer a double surface area. The total surface obtained, 460 mm2, is by far the largest on the market, which assists power transmission and provides unmatched comfort.

The new S-shaped spring-wire acting as a torsion bar (LOOK patent) provides impressive efficiency, instant cleat insertion and removal in any conditions, absence of untimely cleat removal and a long working life. The spring-wire system has been proven in the most severe conditions, both in the laboratory and actual use.

The simplicity of its design makes the S-Track compact, light and reliable, and able to meet the demands of mountain bikers of all levels.

  • Largest bearing surface on the market for maximum power transfer
  • Patented removable cage design for increase flexibility
  • Compact and light-weight with its patented spring-wire system functioning under torsion
  • Optimum mud evacuation with the DCS (Dynamic Cleat System)
  • Includes 1 pair of cleats, 1 set of wedges and 1 set of screws
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