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Clif Organic Energy Food - Savory - Box of 6

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Clif Organic Energy Food is a whole new way to approach your nutrition needs on the bike. Developed by Clif in conjunction with ultra-runner Scott Jurek, Clif Organic Energy Food makes it easy and convenient to eat real food while riding, running, or when you need a nutritious and healthy snack. The savory flavors, Pizza and Sweet Potato, are great for those times when your body just craves something other than another sweet and sugary gels or chews. Packed with real ingredients like quinoa, sunflower seed butter, and carrot puree, Clif Organic Food is all organic, gluten and dairy free, and Kosher.
  • Made with real, whole foods
  • Ideal for endurance events, racing, and training
  • Certified organic, gluten- and dairy-free, and Kosher
  • Savory flavor
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