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The Stages Dash is the most convenient and personalized training tool in cycling. If your needs range anywhere between simply using the GPS to dialing in every metric and sensor, then the Dash is for you. The Dash features an intuitive user interface that can operate in either a landscape or a portrait orientation. It reduces the use of the multi-level menus found in other GPS devices by allowing you to split your screen in to different tasks, and even have a scrollable side. The Dash comes with preset activity profiles that are completely customizable, making organizing a workout plan easy and personal. The Dash is compatible with all 3rd party sensors utilizing ANT+ and Bluetooth protocols, all 3rd party analysis/collections sites, and workouts can be uploaded from any 3rd party site to the Dash. With the Stages Link integration, the Dash can automatically sync upcoming workouts any time it makes a Bluetooth or USB connection. With a 2.7" LCD with anti-glare coating and a fully-weatherproof construction, the Dash gives you the easiest and clearest access to your riding data while also managing all of your sensors. The battery life on the Dash is 25-30 hours and uses a micro-USB port to stay charged.


  • Have a single platform for managing all of your sensors
  • Provides you with easy access to data while riding
  • 2.7" LCD display with anti-glare coating
  • Fully weatherproof with a CNC aluminum chassis to keep it secure during rough rides
  • 25-30 hour batter life with a micro-USB charge port
  • Highly customizable screens and metrics (Landscape vs. portrait, split screen, multiple profiles, etc.)
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Is compatible with all 3rd party sensors utilizing ANT+ and Bluetooth protocols
  • Is compatible with 3rd party analysis/collections sites (i.e. Strava, Trainingpeaks, Mapmyride, etc.)
  • Utilizes North American and GLONASS protocols for the GPS
  • Push notifications for turn-by-turn directions from a BT enabled smartphone
  • Workouts can be created in and uploaded from 3rd party sites to the Dash
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