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BOISE Performance Bicycle

8587 W. Franklin Road
Franklin Towne Plaza
Boise, ID 83709
Store Hours:
10:00AM-6:00PM Monday- Friday
10:00AM-6:00PM Saturday
12:00PM-6:00PM Sunday
All stores closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
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Meet the Manager
Matt is the Store Manager at our Boise location and he’s been a Performance employee since 2011. Matt is a lifelong cyclist and has been working on bikes about that long. He enjoys mountain and road biking, and has raced road, mountain, and cyclocross. Ideally, smooth roads or fast technical trails make for the best rides. Matt dreams one day or riding around Europe.

Matt’s Ride Tip: It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you have, as long as you’re enjoying it.

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What’s Happening?

The Great Ride Series - Beginner
You’re invited to join our beginner level Saturday morning group ride, leaving from the Abe Lincoln Memorial in Julia Davis Park. The ride is for beginners, those getting back in the saddle, or riders who want to add some variety to their cycling. The ride will last approximately one hour, and will go at an average pace of between 12 and 15 miles per hour. We’ll explore some of the local bike paths and some residential routes, as well. The ride will take place every Saturday morning at 9:00am and is a “No Rider Left Behind” ride. Come out and join us for this fun, non-competitive ride. We can’t wait to see you there.

For more details and to sign up for the ride please visit our page on MeetUp, Great Ride Series Boise.

Local Clubs and Events
  • To Be Announced...

Routes / Trails
Mountain Bike Trails

Corrals-Hulls Gulch Loop
Distance: 13 miles
Difficulty: Intermediate
Riding Time: 1.5-2.5 Hours
Tread: Two-Track dirt road/Single track
Vertical Gain: 1,716 ft.
Directions: Ride or drive to Camelsback Park on N. 13th St. in Boise’s North End
Description: The Corrals-Hulls Loop is a classic intermediate foothills ride. It is a very popular ride because it is so much fun and you get a good work out.

Crestline-Sidewinder Loop
Distance: 9 miles
Difficulty: Advanced
Riding Time: 1.5 hours
Tread: Single Track
Vertical Gain: 1,252 ft.
Directions: From downtown Boise, take N. 9th St. to a dead end parking area on the east edge of Camelsback Park.
Description: Sidewinder starts out on a gradual uphill grade and then gets steeper as you get to the top.

Road Bike Routes

Bogus Basin Road
Distance: 16 miles one way, 32 miles round trip
Difficulty: Strenuous
Riding time: Recreational pace of 3 hours up and back
Vertical Gain: 3,880 ft.
Directions: From downtown Boise take N. 15th St. to Harrison Blvd and head north. Harrison runs into Bogus Basin Rd.
Description: Known as one of the best hill climbs in the U.S., Bogus Basin Rd. challenges your climbing skills. Olympic Gold Medalist and Boise resident, Kristen Armstrong has used this as a training ground for her cycling career.

Hill Rd. to Horsebend Summit
Distance: 19.5 miles one way, 39 miles round trip
Difficulty: Strenuous
Riding Time: Recreational pace of 3 hours round trip
Vertical Gain-1,172 ft.
Directions: From downtown Boise take N. 15th St. to Harrison Blvd and head north. Turn left on Hill Rd. and follow until you get to Hwy 55. Turn right on Hwy 55 and head north.

Hill Rd. to Eagle Foothills
Distance: 15.5 miles one way 31 miles round
Difficulty: moderate
Riding time: Recreational pace of 2.5 hours round trip
Vertical gain: 687 ft.
Direction: From downtown Boise take N. 15th St. to Harrison Blvd and head north. Turn left on Hill Rd. and follow until Horseshoe Bend Rd. Turn right on Horseshoe Bend Rd. and follow until the Eagle Velo Park.

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Spin Doctor Mechanic
Rick is the Spin Doctor Mechanic at our Boise location and he’s been a Performance employee since 2011. Rick has been cycling seriously for over 25 years and earned his stripes riding the Rockies in Colorado. He’s all about riding XC mountain anytime, anywhere, and dreams of one day tackling trails all over the Pacific Northwest.

Rick’s Ride Tip: Have fun.