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COLORADO SPRINGS Performance Bicycle

4284 N Academy Blvd.
Market Place at Austin Bluffs
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Store Hours:
10:00AM-6:00PM Monday- Friday
10:00AM-6:00PM Saturday
12:00PM-6:00PM Sunday
All stores closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
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Meet the Manager
Don is the Store Manager at our Colorado Springs location and he’s been a Performance employee since 2001. Don started riding as an early teenager on an English racer and he was hooked for life. He has been cycling for 44 years and enjoys riding his 29er in the foothills of Colorado Springs. One day, he hopes to ride overseas in New Zealand.

Don’s Ride Tip: Be prepared. Always carry what you need to fix your bike, yourself, and to get you home.

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What’s Happening?

Our Great Ride Series outdoor rides are on hiatus until April. BUT, you can still ride with us by joining our Great Ride Series Zwift ride. Learn More.

For more details and to sign up for the ride please visit our page on MeetUp, Great Ride Series Colorado Springs.

No-Drop Group Mountain Bike Ride
Meets Saturdays at 10:15 a.m.
Ride starts at 10:30 a.m.
These weekly technical rides in Palmer Park are great for anyone of all skill levels.

Call store for details...

Local Clubs and Events
Routes / Trails

Local Trails

Cheyenne Canon up and backs - Road/MTB
Description: Good steep climbing workout on the paved road for road or mountain bikes - do as many as you can!
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced
Location: Start at the Visitors Center at the base of Cheyenne Canon Park. Ride up 2.5 miles and 1,000 vertical feet and turn around and fly back down or head north and make it a big loop by descending lower Gold Camp road to Bear Creek Park and back over to the start.

Rampart Reservoir - MTB
**This trail is closed due to fire damage from the Waldo Canyon Fire**

The Big Loop - MTB
Description: 19 miles up, 6 miles down, 3,000 ft cumulative elevation gain - bring lots of water and snacks
Difficulty: Advanced
Location: Start at the top of Cheyenne Canon. Take old Gold Camp Road 9 miles to Old Stage Road. Old Stage 8 miles to Rosemont Reservoir, turn right on the fire road and go up 2 steep miles to Frosty’s Park. Head down Jones Park or Pipeline 6 miles

Red Rock Open Space & Section 16
Description: Colorado Springs offers a number of Parks and Open Spaces with tons of singletrack therein. A good place to start is the lot on 31st St. just south of Cimarron in the Red Rock Canyon Open Space. A small singletrack runs up from the lot to an old dirt road that is closed to motor vehicles. From there take the Hogback or Codell trails into the open space, where you can accesss a multitude of singletrack trails or Section 16. Before riding these trails it is a good idea to purchase a trail guide for the area. Mountain Biking Colorado Springs from Falcon Guides is a great book for trail information and can be found at Performance Bike Shop.
Difficulty: Various levels
Location: Colorado Springs & Old Colorado City, CO

We recommend that you confirm trail openings and locations with local resources. Proudly Serving These Communities Since 1989
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Spin Doctor Mechanic
Kyle is the Spin Doctor Mechanic at our Colorado Springs location and he’s been a Performance employee since 2008. Kyle is originally from nearby Divide, Colorado. He began working on bikes as a BMX’er due to normal wear and tear. Today, Kyle has an enormous amount of distinguished experience including BSE certification at the Barnetts Bicycle Institute and SRAM Technical University. He holds a USA Cycling mechanics license and he is Spin Doctor Certified.

Kyle’s Ride Tip: Learn how to change your own flats.