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TACOMA Performance Bicycle

2220 South 37th St. Suite 6
Metro Plaza
Tacoma, WA 98409
Store Hours:
10:00AM-6:00PM Monday- Friday
10:00AM-7:00PM Saturday
11:00AM-6:00PM Sunday
All stores closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
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Meet the Manager
Jeff is the Store Manager at our Tacoma location and he’s been a Performance employee since 2011. Jeff is from Kent, WA and he started out as a BMX rider. He eventually branched out into both road and mountain riding and he’s been cycling for the past 15 years. He likes to ride BMX bikes and mountain bikes and his favorite places to ride are South SeaTac and Black Diamond’s flow park. If he could ride anywhere, it would be at Woodward Park in Pennsylvania.

Jeff’s Ride Tip: Rubber-side down and just remember to have fun!

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What’s Happening?

Our Great Ride Series outdoor rides are on hiatus until April. BUT, you can still ride with us by joining our Great Ride Series Zwift ride. Learn More.

Local Clubs and Events
Tacoma Wheelmen

Backcountry Bicycle Trails Club (BBTC)

Capitol Bicycle Club

Cascade Bicycle Club

Routes / Trails

Local Trails

Capitol Forest - MTB
Description: Epic single track, some long fire road climbs, many intriguing options.
Suggested ride: Greenline east from Capitol Peak to Fall Creek campground - archetypal shuttle ride, swoopy, dirty, challenging and fun without being scary
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced
Location: Southwest of Olympia

Dash Point State Park - MTB
Description: Fun singletrack with variety
Difficulty: Intermediate
Location: Brown’s Point

Mt. St. Helens Loop - MTB
Description: Overwhelming and awe inspiring – 30 mile loop – bring lots of water
Difficulty: Intermediate
Location: Park at Ape Canyon trail at south entrance of park (Cougar exit)

Noble Knob/ Palisades Ridge - MTB
Description: Tight switchbacks and insane views
Difficulty: Advanced
Location: Corral Pass Rd off of 410 before entering Mt. Rainer Park

Skookum Flats - MTB
Description: Rollercoaster ride
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced
Location: Buck Creek exit off Hwy 410 across from Camp Shepard

We recommend that you confirm trail openings and locations with local resources.

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Spin Doctor Mechanic
Gary is the Spin Doctor Mechanic at our Tacoma location and is a proud new addition to the performance team as of 2013. But Gary is no stranger to turning wrenches—he’s been a mechanic since 1974. Gary loves “any and all” types of riding, but does tend to favor freeriding the legendary Northshore. Gary’s decades of experience as mechanic and rider have also given him the skills to design bikes.

Gary’s Ride Tip: Take your bike to a trained professional.