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VIRGINIA BEACH Performance Bicycle

2356 VA Beach Blvd
London Bridge Plaza
Virginia Beach, VA 23454-4008
Store Hours:
10:00AM-7:00PM Monday- Friday
10:00AM-7:00PM Saturday
12:00PM-5:00PM Sunday
All stores closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
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Meet the Manager
Bob is the Store Manager at our Virginia Beach location and has been a Perfromance employee since 2012. Bob has been an avid road rider for more than 20 years. He enjoys the rides that are 100 miles and beyond.

Bob’s Ride Tip: Eat before you are hungry. Drink before you are thirsty.

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What’s Happening?

The Great Ride Series - Beginner
You’re invited to join our beginner level Saturday morning group ride, starting and ending at Performance Bicycle. The ride is for beginners, those getting back in the saddle, or riders who want to add some variety to their cycling. The ride will last approximately one hour, and will go at an average pace of between 12 and 15 miles per hour. We’ll explore some of the local bike paths and some residential routes, as well. The ride will take place every Saturday morning at 9:00am and is a “No Rider Left Behind” ride. Come out and join us for this fun, non-competitive ride. We can’t wait to see you there.

Call store for more details.

No Drop Beginner/Intermediate Road Ride
Starting and ending point: Performance Bicycle Virginia Beach
Every Sunday @ 9:30 AM (weather permitting) We do not mind the cold, but rain and lightning may force the ride to be canceled.
Requirements: Good attitude, willing to have fun in a safe group ride, and a helmet.
Endurance of ride: We presently have three routes in which we ride varying from 8 miles to 15 miles based on rider’s experience level. Each ride can be completed in a hour or less. This is a fun and enjoyable ride at a beginning/intermediate pace. No rider will be dropped from the group.

For more details and to sign up for the ride please visit our page on MeetUp, Great Ride Series Virginia Beach.

Routes / Trails

Indian River Park
Description: Self help single track on land donated by the city of Chesapeake.
Difficulty: All levels
Location: Chesapeake

York River State Park
Description: Multiple single tracks carved around and through the state park.
Difficulty: All levels
Location: Yorktown

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Spin Doctor Mechanic
Alphonso Eusantos is our new Spin Doctor in our Virginia Beach and has worked for Performance since 2014. “Fons” has spent many years traveling the USA on his bicycle. His favorite type of riding is anything on the open road.

Fons’s Ride Tip: Regular maintenance by a professional mechanic will keep your bicycle going for many years and always wear a helmet.