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A $10 bill

This piece of green will make for a better ride.

By Jennifer Sherry
Bicycle Magazine

Whether you eat it, spend it or save it, there are more ways than one for a 10-dollar bill to make your ride a pleasant experience. Here's what it can do.

PATCH YOUR TIRE A hole in your tube is one thing (you do have a spare with you, right?). But a chunk missing from your tire is a whole different ball game. Fold your $10 bill into quarters and place it between the tube and the hole in the tire. Inflate. Then head straight home or to a shop.

BUY YOU TIME Pay your 13- year-old neighbor to watch your two-year-old toddler so you can go out for a one-hour ride.

RESTOCK YOUR SEATBAG Remember the rule: If you use something, replace it immediately so it's there for next time. Break your 10 for a $6 tube and a $3 CO 2 cartridge; keep the extra dollar bill to use as a tire boot.

FILL YOUR BELLY Nothing wrong with a midride lunch break: turkey club on wheat, toasted, no mayo: $5.50. Pint of suds: $3. Tip: $1.50.

SAVE YOUR ASS Plowing into a pedestrian and her dog could cost you a lot more than $10. Spring for a bell so you can let people know you're approaching from behind.