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GAYNOR / Chief Spin Doctor
With Performance Since 1997

I ride for psychological well being, fitness, the sheer joy of the riding and sometimes, regretfully, because I’ve got a training plan
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SUSAN / Merchandise Planner
With Performance Since 1984

For me riding is mostly a social thing, it’s a fun way to hang out with my friends. Sometimes though, I like to ride alone so I can listen to myself think. Read More


KYLE / Graphic Designer for Ecommerce
With Performance Since 2004

Riding reminds me of the feeling of freedom I got from exploring my driveway on my first bike at three years old. Read More
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MARY / Director of Accounting
With Performance Since 1998

I ride for fitness, fun and transportation.
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ALI / Product Manager
With Performance Since 2006

I ride mainly because I like to eat, but also because I’m an endurance junkie and enjoy pushing myself. Read More


JOHN / Product Manager
With Performance Since 2006

There are many reasons to ride; Fitness, excitement, camaraderie. But most of all its just fun. Every ride brings something different.
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ERIC / Assistant Buyer
With Performance Since 2003

I ride for many reasons. Some of them are: fitness, the challenge of competition, the post ride beer & burrito and as a salve to my low self esteem. Read More


KAREN / Loss Prevention Clerk
With Performance Since 2005

There is a great feeling of freedom... mesmerized by the beautiful countryside. Furthermore, I would rather exercise by pedaling than jogging. Read More


STEPHANIE /Division Merchandise Manager
With Performance Since 2000

I ride for excercise and enjoyment. I love climbing the hills in Chatham County.
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JOSH / Product Support Coordinator
With Performance Since 2005

I ride in an attempt to offset the Mexican food and Canadian beer. Read More


CHUCK / Director of Engineering & Logistics
With Performance Since 1982

I started riding when I was 16 and bought a 10-speed bike to ride to work, 12 miles away. It was a thrill that has never left.
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DAVID / Web Developer
With Performance Since 2008

I ride for commuting, exercise, fun, and family time. Read More


BOB / Merchandise Distributor
With Performance Since 2004

I ride because when I was a kid, my friends had dreams that they could fly- but I always thought that riding my bike felt as good as being able to fly. Read More


BILL / VP of Creative Services
With Performance Since 1986

I ride mostly for fitness to keep my old body in shape but also for the enlightened moment you get 40 minutes into the ride. Read More


WILL / Softgoods Distributor
With Performance Since 2009

I ride for the competitive aspect of the sport. Long hours alone are made up for by the excitement prior to a race. Read More


TOM / Divisional Merchandising Manager
With Performance Since 1996

Riding a bike provides the freedom of movement that you can’t get with any other activity. Read More