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Upgrading to a Threadless Fork

To upgrade to a threadless headset/fork system you need the following:


  • A threadless fork of the correct diameter.
  • A threadless headset of the correct style for your frame.
  • A threadless stem in the correct diameter for the new fork (many come with a shim to use for different diameters), and the correct diameter for your handlebar.
  • A number of spacers to customize your bar height.
NOTE: Carbon steerer tube forks require a compression cap to take the place of the star nut. Most carbon steerer tube forks include a compression cap.

*new threadless forks come uncut. The fork steerer tube is cut to size as part of the installation*


  • 4, 5, 6mm Hex Keys (to remove the old stem, adjust the top cap and install the new stem)
  • Headset Cup Remover
  • Headset Press
  • Star Nut Setting Tool (not required for Carbon Steerer Tube forks)
  • Hacksaw with cutting guide
  • Grease
  • Crown Race Setting Tool
  • Round File (rat tail file)
  • Flat File
  • Pencil or marker

Fork Steer Tube Size - There are 2 main fork steer tube sizes. 1” and 1 1/8”. This is the outside diameter of the steer tube of the fork this is easily measured with a ruler. If your fork is a different diameter please contact our product support department.
Frame Head Tube Style-The Head Tube of your frame determines the style of headset you need. In the diagrams below the headtube is shown in grey, the headset cup is in black.
Standard-this headtube is usually straight with some minor machining to the inside of the tube for a consistent fit. Headset cups that hold the bearings outside of the headtube must be pressed in.
Zero Stack-this headtube is usually slightly hour glass shaped with machining that extends into the head tube. Headset cups that hold the bearings inside the head tube must be pressed in.
Integrated-this headtube is usually hour glass shaped, but it can be any shape on carbon fiber frames. There is extensive machining that extends into the headset with a visible bevel. Bearings rest on the bevel and are either pressed in (Columbus, Micro-Tek, Perdido types) or not pressed in (IS, Campagnolo, TH industries, FSA, and others). There are several different diameters of head tube, types of fit, and angle of bearings that come into determining the exact standard, brand and model of headset your require. Replace the headset with the same type, or contact your frame manufacturer to determine which type you need.
Handlebar Clamp diameter- Measured at the stem clamp in mm. Your bar and stem must be a perfect match in diameter. Common diameters are 25.4mm for Standard Mountain bike, 25.8mm (Ritchey Brand bars and Stems), 26.0mm (road standard), 31.8mm (road or mountain oversized).
Customize the bar height with spacers-in threadless systems the bar height is fine tuned by moving different sized spacers above or below the stem clamp. Typically the fork steerer tube is left a little too long during the inital installation so that the amount of spacers can be adjusted to the rider's needs and perferences. The fork steerer may be left slightly long, or trimmed later (a much neater and cleaner appearance). *Pay special attention to the literature that comes with the new fork as some forks have a maximum amount of spacers that can be allowed.*