Bob Eichwalds

What is your Job?
Merchandise Distributor (Bicycles)

How long have you worked here?
6 years

Why do you ride a bike?
When I was a Kid, my friends had dreams that they could fly. I never had that dream, but I always had a good bike. Riding my bike still feels as good as being able to fly.

Where do your ride?
Usually right out the driveway, and onto the road. I like to make up a route while I’m on the road. It’s gotta have a couple hills in there somewhere.

What has been your favorite ride?
The NCBC Summer Rally

What do you ride?
My favorite bike in the stall is my Scattante Dura ace equipped CFR.

What has been your biggest learn while riding?
F = (M) ?(LT-2) = (MLT-2) ouch

What is your favorite part of your bike?
Definitely the E-3 Handlebars. The bike changes every year or two, the E-3 bars stay.