David Wilkes

What is your Job?
Web Developer

How long have you worked here?
2 Years

Why do you ride a bike?
Commuting, exercise, fun, family time

Where do your ride?
Mostly roads with occasional greenways/off-road commuting

What has been your favorite ride?
BikeMs doing a 50 mile ride with head winds was pulling my wife and unknowingly several other riders. I was simply hammering away and discovered that I had dropped some of the riders as a result.

What do you ride?
I commute on a Scattante X-560 Cross bike. I ride a Scattante R-560 for fun/exercise. Building up a Scattante XRL Comp Frame. Would love to have either a 2010 Scattante CRF Race Road Bike or 2010 Scattante CFR Pro Road Bike

What has been your biggest learn while riding?
Riding with a group.

What is your favorite part of your bike?
Probably my Speedplay Light Action Pedals. Everything else I would pretty much like to upgrade at some point.