Eric Webster

What is your Job?
Assistant buyer for components. I have also been a product developer, product manger and I started out in our tech support department.

How long have you worked here?
I have been here about 7 years.

Why do you ride a bike?
There are many reasons. Some of them are: fitness, the challenge of competition, the post ride beer & burrito and as a salve to my low self esteem.

Where do your ride?
The local trails and roads here in Chapel Hill, NC. Any mountains, anywhere when I have a chance.

What has been your favorite ride?
On the mountain bike Shindagin Hollow State Forest outside of Ithaca, NY. On the road the Wednesday night office ride where I dominate my fellow Spin Doctor Advisor Randy Jones.

What do you ride?
GT Zaskar Pro 29er, Cannondale SuperSix Team (Campy Record of course), Scattante Ti Cross Bike, Mongoose Maurice for commuting/bar hopping, Cannondale Rush Carbon, Scattante XRL team (Campy Centaur of course)

What has been your biggest learn while riding?
I am a more consistent cyclocross racer than my fellow Spin Doctor Advisor Randy Jones. Did I mention I beat him by one point in the overall standings for the NC State Winter CX Series?

What is your favorite part of your bike?
Wheels. I hoard wheels. My tool shed is full of wheels because you just never know when they will come in handy.