John Rogers

What is your Job?
I’m the Product Manager for the Accessories Division. It’s a lot of items, we have a Product Manager for Bikes, Clothing and Components and I get everything else. I get to select the product we carry so I work constantly with our venders to ensure we have what you need, when you need it and most importantly at the best prices.

How long have you worked here?
Four years, I started in Product Technical Support and enjoyed the hands on interaction helping customers with cycling and product related questions. It was a great way to start because I came into the company an avid cyclist so speaking with a cross section of all cycling levels gave me a really good understanding that everyone is a cyclist and we need to be able to make cycling approachable to everyone. From there I went to “Distribution” ensuring that our retail stores were receiving the appropriate replenishment as they sold through product and from there to my present position as Product Manager.

Why do you ride a bike?
For many reasons, for fitness, excitement, camaraderie but I think most of all because its fun. Every ride brings something different, sometimes it’s a family ride to the ice cream store with my kids, sometimes a hard group ride that has me just barley hanging on or a heart pounding mountain bike ride where I’m at the limits of my ability, they all bring different emotions and memories but overall for me just being on a bike equals having a good time.

Where do your ride?
I used to race a lot more than I do now, having two kids at home required me to adjust where I ride mainly due to time constraints and finding a balance between family and ride time. These days I race local events here in North Carolina but mostly its group road rides on the weekend or fast single track with friends. I’m lucky in that living in Chapel Hill allows me to be on rural roads or single track in less than a ten minutes ride from my house.

What has been your favorite ride?
Not sure I can pick one, I’ve never ridden Alpe d’Huez or Mt. Ventoux, never ridden Moab but I don’t feel cheated, I ride whatever comes my way and adjust the where and when so as to balance family and work. There is truly no single ride that stands out so much that I can say ‘that was the best” I intend to just keep going no matter where the trail or road takes me and who knows maybe my favorite ride is still out there.

What do you ride?
Hum…well I’m a bit of a bike junkie and have more bikes in my garage than I’m willing to admit to. I have a Santa Cruz Blur XC which is a full suspension carbon mountain bike, it’s a super bike for me in that it’s light and fast. At the best of times I have a lower back that’s prone to complain so its super comfortable to ride. I have a Scattante CFR Team road bike that’s the mainstay of my road riding but if you dig around in my garage you’d find a Time Trial Bike and a Single Speed 29” Mountain Bike as well. I’m lucky to have several great bikes but I can say without doubt that it’s not always about having the fanciest bike and I have never lost a race because of the bike I was riding. Own a bike that fits and is comfortable to ride, remember its about fun

What has been your biggest learn while riding?
Find the right wheel to follow, there is almost always someone stronger or more experienced on any ride, this holds true be it a casual ride, race, fast group ride or on the trail. Find the right wheel, follow it and it will make you a better rider.

What is your favorite part of your bike?
That’s a really tough question, I can stare at bikes and bike parts all day long and be happy to debate the virtues of carbon over titanium, clinchers over tubular’s, Sram, Shimano, the list is endless. The cycling industry is so innovative and constantly changing that today’s favorite part may not be next season. There are a few items I’m currently using that are just super, I have Mavic r-sys wheels on my road bike, they are light and stiff yet the carbon spokes give them some compliance so they just soak up road vibrations like no wheel I’ve ever ridden. On my mountain bike I just love the power and modulation the Shimano XT hydraulic brakes offer. They give me a level of confidence I’ve never had before and work flawlessly in all conditions.