Josh Curd

What is your Job?
Product Support Coordinator.

How long have you worked here?
I’ve been with Performance for four and a half years.

Why do you ride a bike?
In an attempt to offset the Mexican food and Canadian beer

Where do your ride?
Country roads with the least number of hills

What has been your favorite ride?
My favorite ride is where I used to ride 3-5 times a week when I lived in Metro Detroit: Hines Drive from Dearborn to Northville, Michigan and back.

What do you ride?
A custom LeMond road bike and a old, Frankensteined, mustached bar Trek hybrid/commuter

What has been your biggest learn while riding?
Road riding at night is very calm and peaceful, until you almost run over a skunk

What is your favorite part of your bike?
Seat stays can be very sexy