Kyle Habecker

What is your Job?
Graphic Designer for Ecommerce

How long have you worked here?
6 years

Why do you ride a bike?
In a word: Freedom. Because I still remember the feeling of Freedom I got exploring my driveway on my first bike at 3 years old (currently mounted on the wall in front of my work bench). And the feeling of freedom from riding a late 50s Evans Cruiser (currently hanging above my work bench) up and down the lane between the houses and corn fields on summer vacation at my grandmother’s house. I still get that feeling whether I’m heading out on a lunch ride to clear my head or going for a training ride.

Where do you ride?
Everywhere – I ride busy roads during the morning and evening commutes, rural roads on long training rides, and I head to the local trails whenever I get time to load up the car and go.

What has been your favorite ride?
A variation of the Long Branch Loop - Pisgah National Forest. It’s a great ride starting with a 3+ mile climb followed by killer descents and climbs on narrow rocky trails on the edge of 100 ft drop-offs.

What do you ride?
In preparation for the upcoming triathlon season I am spending most of my time is on a Fuji D-6 & Giant TCR. But, I also use a Fuji Cross Pro with a Child's seat on the back for family rides on the tobacco trail, a Turner 5 Spot for lunch time trial rides, and a Santa Cruz Chameleon for blowing off steam on stunts and the pump track under construction in my back yard.

What has been your biggest learn while riding?
It’s ok to have fun and not take everything so seriously. I used to race mountain bikes and I got so focused in my training that I never looked up from the number on my computer. I finally looked up and remembered how great it was to just be out riding.

What is your favorite part of your bike?
Every part is my favorite. I love bikes and I love everything about them.