Tom Vasiliauskas

What is your Job?
Divisional Merchandise Manager – Proprietary

How long have you worked here?
I’ve been at Performance 14 years.

Why do you ride a bike?
Riding a bike provides the freedom of movement that you can’t get with any other activity. Cycling allows me to “clear my head” of the daily routine and distractions. Many of my best and creative ideas happens when I’m riding.

Where do your ride?
The rural roads of Chatham and Orange counties

What has been your favorite ride?
An 90 mile epic ride in the Appalachian Mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

What do you ride?
Look 555 carbon road bike, Giant OCR time trial bike, Battaglin fixed gear bike. Currently building a Scattante XRL Cross frame.

What has been your biggest learn while riding?
To really appreciate the outdoors and the peace that only riding can bring.

What is your favorite part of your bike?
The pedals. Always like the “click” sound when you snap into Look Keo pedals.