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Answer ProTaper 720 AM Expert ½-inch Rise Handlebars

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Answer ProTaper handlebars are a reflection of what the company does best: They focus on all the details that complete a bike, supplying the hardware that enables you to make your bike uniquely setup to your riding requirements. To that end, if Answer can make it lighter and stiffer--a goal they constantly and consistently aim for--they can improve a bike's performance.

Answer ProTaper 720 AM Expert Riser Handlebars are strongest where it's stressed the most. The bars have a variable wall diameter that's thickest at the clamp area, then tapers toward the ends of the bar. The result is an optimum combination of strength, light weight, and stiffness.


  • Lightweight and dependable Trail handlebar
  • ProTAPER Patented Technology
  • Material: AL-6061
  • Flat and lower rise options
  • Bar ergonomics work with all stem combinations
  • 720mm wide
  • Cut to desired length
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