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Adams Trail-A-Bike 4-Piece Sleeve Set

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Select one of the four plastic shims that come with the Trail-A-Bike and slide the best fitting one over the bottom of your towing bike seat post. Refer to the seat post diameter size engraved on the shim. The seat post diameter is also engraved on the seat post. When slightly compressed, the shim should be as snug as possible over the post but should not close tight against itself.

If a seat post diameter is smaller than 24mm or 7/8", it may be necessary to add additional shim material to bring it up to minimum size. Please ensure that once installed and fully tightened, the Trail-A-Bike hitch is tight enough to not allow the hitch and shim assembly to rotate on the seat post.


  • 4 piece sleeve set
  • Includes new shim for oversized seatposts from 25.4mm to 35.0mm and above
  • Slide the shim up over the bottom of the seat post with the step facing down.