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Diamondback Micro Venom 12" Kid's Bike - 2017

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By the time most kids can walk they're ready to grab a bike and ride. It takes some patience to coach them back and forth in front of the house, but when they take those first solo pedal strokes you get to see their face light up with pure joy - and there's nothing better than that. It's hard to believe that someone so small can ride a bike, but when they see the Diamondback Micro Venom there's no question they'll reach for the handlebars, plant their feet on the pedals and go.

The DB Micro Venom and its durable steel construction is the perfect beginner bike. It has classic BMX-style features, including a BMX saddle and an easy to use coaster brake for stopping. Every weekend will be better than the next when you see the joy on your child's face from the thrill that the Micro Venom provides.


  • Durable high tensile steel construction
  • 12" wheels for the smallest kids
  • Coaster brake is easy for kids to learn
  • Chain guard keeps kid's clothes and fingers out of harm's way
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