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Hutchinson Cougar 26" AM Hardskin Mountain Tire

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The Hutchinson Cougar 26" AM Hardskin MTB Tire is an aggressive big block tread that rides well in all conditions and is tremendously effective on rocky and steep terrain. The Cougar gives you the ultimate confidence and control in tough situations. A Race Riposte tread compound is sticky and soft and provides excellent grip and the Hardskin sidewall is a dense and flexible fabric layer that helps to add sidewall protection.
  • An Aggressive big block tread that gives you the confidence to let go of the brakes and go Equally efficient in rocky, wet or dry conditions.
  • Hardskin reinforced casing has a protective fabric woven into the casing to help resist cuts and punctures
  • Developed with Nicholas Vouilloz & Julian Absalom
  • 650 grams
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