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HED Ardennes Plus LT Road Bike Wheel - Front

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Constructed with a 25mm wide rim, the HED Ardennes Plus LT Front Wheel provides high stability, fast-rolling performance and superior grip that'll smooth out uneven terrain and patchy roads. This wider rim extends the benefits of the 23mm wide C2 technology by boosting cornering grip, comfort and rolling speed. It allows the tire casing to spread out and make larger contact patch with the ground, increasing speed over every surface and rolls silky smooth over pavement. It also increases air volume, so tires can be run at lower pressures to smooth out bumps in the road. The wider platform supports the tire sidewall for cornering confidence and increases lateral stiffness and drivetrain efficiency. Finally, it's tubeless ready for fewer flats and more control. A great all-arounder, the HED Ardennes Plus LT is perfect for everyday training and competition.
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