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Garmin Vector 2 Pedal-Based Power Meter

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The original Garmin Vector pedal was a revolution in power meter design. Crank-based and wheel-based power meters are great, but sometimes they can be difficult to install, or take from bike to bike. The Garmin Vector solved a lot of those issues by moving the power meter to the pedals. Not only do the Garmin Vector pedals make the power experience more accessible, with an easy-to-install set up that you can quickly move to another bike, but they also changed how power is measured, by allowing power output to be measured independently for the right and left foot.

The Garmin Vector 2 keeps all those same great features, but represents a worthy upgrade on the originals. Gone is the original inbuilt power sensing pod, replaced with a modular , replaceable version that offers a few great features. First of all, installation is now a lot easier, since the pod now installs after the pedal. That means you just install the pedal on to the crank like you normally would, then you attach the pod afterwards--allowing you to perfectly position and calibrate it. This modular design almost means that you can upgrade the system in the future as new pods are released. This means that the upgrade cost for a new or replacement power meter is much less than for other systems.

Garmin also improved the left/right power readouts with CyclingDynamics, which lets you use a compatible ANT+ Garmin computer to view power phase, seated/standing power output, platform center offset, and more. This allows you to really deconstruct the particulars of your riding to better understand how you ride, and where you can train to make improvements. An all-new status LED light makes it easy to set up and run diagnostics on the system for easier maintenance.


  • Easy to install yourself-- only takes minutes
  • New modular design makes installation and upgrading easier
  • New status LED makes it easy to check battery power and system status
  • Left/right power read outs make it easy to see how you're riding
  • Can differentiate between seated/standing pedaling
  • Platform offset measurement tells you where on the pedal you're pushing
  • CyclingDynamics tells you where in the pedal stroke you're applying power
  • Built in accelerometers automatically detect your cadence
  • ANT+ Garmin compatible
  • Look KEO cleat compatible
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