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Garmin Vector 2S Upgrade Pedal

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If you got yourself a Garmin Vector 2S power meter, tried it, fell in love with it, and now want the full set, you're in luck. You no longer need to buy a full set if you want left/right power, in addition to the other great features. Just buy this right pedal upgrade, and you'll be able to take advantage of everything the full Garmin Vector system has to offer.

The all new Garmin Vector 2S upgrade pedal features a modular , replaceable power sensing pod that offers a few great features. First of all, installation is now a lot easier, since the pod now installs after the pedal. That means you just install the pedal on to the crank like you normally would, then you attach the pod afterwards--allowing you to perfectly position and calibrate it. This modular design almost means that you can upgrade the system in the future as new pods are released. This means that the upgrade cost for a new or replacement power meter is much less than for other systems.

This is a right pedal only

Easy to Buy, Install, Own:
  • Buy it at your local bike shop
  • Installs in minutes

Behind the Watts:
  • Measures deflection in the pedal spindle as you pedal
  • Measured deflection is compared with factory calibration to determine how much force is being applied to the pedal
  • Measures a few hundred times per second
  • Built-in accelerometers measure pedaling cadence
  • Force sensor and related electronics are permanently and securely sealed within the pedal spindle

  • Right Vector pedal
  • Pedal pod (standard or large, depending on the version selected)
  • Hardware
  • Manuals

  • Standard Size fits cranks up to 38mm wide and 12-15mm thick
  • Large Size fits cranks up to 44mm wide and 15-18mm thick
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