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Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Fluid Trainer

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Take realism and your workout to a whole new level with the only resistance trainer that replicates a natural side-to-side motion. The Kinetic Rock and Roll Fluid Trainer with a patented frame design provides the most realistic feel of any trainer available, since it allows the bike to move as it does on the road. It also engages core muscles, forcing you to maintain proper form and stability for better on-the-bike balance. A stable core eliminates unnecessary upper body movement, so energy is used efficiently, creating more power and speed. It also stabilizes the pelvis, giving your legs a solid fulcrum to act against for efficient power transfer to the pedals. The Rock and Roll lets you simultaneously work on both technique and power, especially during out-of-the-saddle hill climb intervals. It's compatible with the Kinetic inRide Watt Meter, so you can capitalize on the benefits of a wattage-based training program. Get on. Give your expectations a workout.
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