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Ergon GE1 Slim Grips

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The Ergon GE1 Slim grips are Enduro-inspired grips, designed for those who want or need a grip with a slightly smaller circumference. In enduro, the handlebars are wide, and gripped right at the end, and the riders elbows are kept bent. With this in mind, the GE1 Slim utilizes two rubber compounds with textured zones orientated against the direction of rotation of the hand. The slimmer body of the grip gives a more direct feel. The grip also takes advantage of a lightweight high quality aluminum clamp, securing the damping optimized inner core and the whole grip.
  • Slimmer body design for smaller hands or those who prefer a more direct feel
  • Dual rubber compounds for improved comfort
  • Texture zones that improve control and grip
  • High quality alloy clamp
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