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Team Sky Hydrodynamic Chain Lube is the Ultimate in bicycle chain lubricant technology. Created by the Muc-Off research team in collaboration with Team Sky, and hand-blended in the UK, Muc Off has created a sophisticated, synergistic blend of esters coupled with aerospace quality based oil lubrication, before packing it with ground breaking extreme pressure additives. All this means it's possible to create a high strength film forming lubricant which prevents metal to metal contact to ensure peak performance, even under the most extreme workloads that a pro peloton can throw at it. If you are looking for the most efficient chain lubricant formula for long distances and/or the harshest of weather conditions, look no further.


  • Ideal for road cycling and cyclocross
  • Ultra low friction product.
  • Hydrodynamic formula reduces metal to metal contact.
  • Hydrophobic elements make this lubricant ultra water-resistant.
  • Provides the ultimate performance in both wet & damp or dry & dusty conditions
  • Petroleum free formula for eco protection
  • Synthetic polymers for long distance performance
  • Incredible durability
  • Pipette system for easy application
  • Use the UV Torch to clearly indicate 100% link coverage
  • Muc-Off How To Clean Your Bike
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