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Profile Designs V2+ Aluminum Aerobar

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The first of the all-new V-Series bars, the Profile Designs V2+ Clip-on Aerobar reintroduces a low-stack bracket and places the extensions below the basebar. Constructed from tough yet light 6061-T6 aluminum, the new L1 bracket sits at 35mm of stack, placing you in a more aggressive riding position when used with the ergonomic F19a armrests and extensions. The specifically designed V2 aerobar extensions are built on a variation of the tried-and-true T2+ extension, but with a higher rise and ergonomic S-bend for ultimate comfort and reduced fatigue while you're in the aerodynamic position. The 4-position fore/aft adjustment, along with 15 degrees of rotational adjustment, dials in the fit. Velcro-backed EVA Foam pads affix directly to armrest without additional straps.
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