Team Performance Membership Terms & Conditions

1. Automatic Renewal. Memberships are automatically renewed annually at the fee effective at the time of renewal. Consent to Automatic Recurring Charge: By purchasing your Team Performance Membership or Renewal, you request and agree that we may annually automatically renew your Team Performance membership by charging the credit card you used most recently to enroll initially or to renew membership. The renewal charge will be made one year from the date of this transaction unless you notify us through one of the simple Opt Out procedures described below or the credit card processing company informs us that the credit card should not be used or is expired or not to be honored. You further authorize us, at our option if we learn that your credit card is no longer valid or the attempted charge otherwise does not work and if you have a sufficient amount of Team Performance points on your membership account, to redeem the points on your membership account to renew your Team Performance Membership. If any of these things occur, or if your credit card is no longer valid for any reason, such as that you discontinued or changed the account, or if the expiration date has changed, or if the credit card processing company gives us notice that your credit card should not be used, the charge for the Team Performance annual membership may not be processed and your membership may not be renewed through this process. Please therefore ask us about renewing your membership if the credit card you provided us is no longer valid (or has a changed expiration date).

Opt Out. Contact us if you wish to opt out of or cancel any of these consents by calling 1-800-727-2433, Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm EST, or emailing

2. Consent to Use of Electronic Signature and Records–By purchasing your Team Performance Membership or Renewal, you are affirmatively consenting to the use of the electronic signature process. You understand that you have the right to have the Authorization provided to you in a non-electronic form, provided however that we may assess a copying fee for sending a paper copy of the Authorization to you. Your consent to use the electronic signature process applies only to this specific transaction and not to any other future transactions. If you wish to withdraw your consent to use the electronic signature process at any time or you wish to obtain a paper copy of this Authorization, please contact us by calling 1-800- 727-2433, Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm EST or e-mail to

3. Memberships are for individuals only, not couples, organizations, or businesses.

4. Points are not earned on the points redeemed by Team Members.

5. You will need to present a second form of identification when using your Team Performance membership at one of our retail locations.

6. Members earn points on the purchase of gift cards. Points are not earned when gift cards are redeemed by members or non-members.

7. If you use points as payment on a catalog or web order and an item from that purchase is returned via mail to our Returns Dept., your account will first be credited with points and the balance will be in legal tender. If you use points as payment on a store purchase and an item from that purchase is returned to the store, your return will either be issued as a store credit or in legal tender.

8. Merchandise orders over $50 purchased by Red Phone will be sent free of shipping charges to the store. If merchandise is sent to another address, members must pay regular shipping costs (if any) but the order will be upgraded to 2nd business day delivery at no additional charge. 2nd business day delivery upgrade not available on international orders. Overweight and oversized charges still apply.

9. Orders for Team Members in geographic regions not served by 2nd business day service will have their packages shipped via FedEx or the USPS. This includes APO, FPO, Foreign, and P.O. Box orders. If a back order causes your order to be sent in more than one shipment, we pay regular shipping on all shipments following the original order (excluding international orders). All overweight item charges apply. Back orders are not eligible for the 2nd business day delivery upgrade.

10. Point balances expire 90 days after membership expiration.

11. Performance reserves the right to change club policies and benefits and cancel memberships at any time. The current policies are posted on our website. You agree, and your continued use of your Team Performance membership further constitutes your agreement, that the then-current website posting supercedes all prior versions and applies to your membership.

12. Negative point balances reflect returned merchandise. Points will be lost when merchandise is returned. If merchandise is returned and points for the account are not available for reduction due to redemptions of points, the value of the points redeemed may be offset from and deducted from any refund for the returned merchandise. This will be done solely at the discretion of Performance Bicycle. The remaining balance on the purchase price of the merchandise returned will be refunded per the return policy of Performance Bicycle.

13. Points are calculated on the purchase price of the products you buy. Members do not earn points on the annual membership fee, shipping, tax or the redemption of gift cards or points.

14. Bicycling Magazine Subscription: First year of Team Performance membership only. There are no hidden obligations and you will not receive any bills. Your name, mailing address and email address will be forwarded for the purpose of fulfilling your magazine subscription. Please allow 8-10 weeks for your first issue to arrive. If you do not wish to receive Bicycling Magazine (valued at $10), you will need to print this form, please include your name, address and a copy of your membership order receipt to Rodale Rebate, PO Box 26299, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-6299. Once received and validated, a refund will be sent to you in 4 to 6 weeks for any unserved copies remaining on your subscription. NAME:___________________________________ ADDRESS:_______________________________ ________________________________________