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Lezyne Alloy Drive Mini Pump

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Specifically designed for high volume mountain tires, this heavy-duty hand pump reaches optimal tire pressure with 30% fewer strokes, delivers smooth pumping action, and is constructed entirely of CNC machined aluminum for years of durable service. Flex Hose is equipped with an Air Bleed System to prevent broken valve tips and valve damage during inflation. Hose threads directly onto Presta or Schrader valves for a 100% secure, air-tight connection and stows in the handle when not in use. Large barrel diameter is optimized for inflating high volume urban or mountain tires up to 90 PSI. Overlapping handle and barrel are integrated into a compact design.
  • Reaches tire pressure with 30% fewer strokes compared to conventional pumps
  • Larger barrel design supplies a higher volume of air in a short amount of time
  • ABS Flex Hose threads securely to Presta and Schrader valves for a super-tight seal and prevents valve damage during inflation
  • ABS system allows the release of air pressure in the pump hose for easy removal from the valve, eliminating the chance of unthreading removable Presta valve cores after inflation
  • ABS system allows the adjustment of tire pressure when using Schrader valves
  • Flex Hose stows inside pump handle when not in use
  • 100% CNC machined aluminum construction for long-lasting performance
  • Composite Matrix frame pump mount for easy storage while riding
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