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Finish Line 1-Step 4oz Cleaner/Lubricant Bottle

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If you're a regular commuter or recreational cyclist and need a quick "clean and lube" product, then check out Finish Line's 1-Step 4oz Cleaner/Lubricant bottle. Special formulation penetrates, lifts, and flushes dirt and grime off the chain, leaving behind a fresh, clean lubrication film. High-performance, anti-rust additives offer maximum protection from rust and corrosion. A perfect choice for cyclists who are new to bike maintenance or who don't have the time for optimum chain cleaning and lubrication.


  • Clean and lube in one easy step
  • Loosens and removes grime as it delivers a low friction film of lubricant
  • Prevents premature component wear while reducing pedaling friction and drivetrain noise
  • Powerful anti-rust additives are perfect for coastal areas and long term/winter storage
  • Semi-dry lubricant minimizes attraction of dirt; great for all weather conditions
  • Strong cleaning and lubricating formulation is a favorite of cyclocross riders
  • Perfect for cyclists on the go
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