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Who we are

We love cycling and everything about it. At Performance Bicycle we strive to provide riders with the gear and support for the next big challenge – whether it’s riding farther, faster, or simply better than before. We don’t just sell bikes, we ride them.

Based in Northern California we ride year-round. Weekday nights you can find us on group rides or the local singletrack. On the weekend, we’re either at the races or tackling an epic ride. We know that community is what this sport is all about and we invite you to join our crew. Follow along with us on YouTube, Instagram, and Strava for tons of engaging cycling content.

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History of Performance Bicycle

A lot has changed throughout the history of Performance Bicycle and some things still remain the same. At our core, we are committed to providing top-tier service with no strings attached and no BS. We know it can be intimidating to walk into your local bike shop – there are many stories of plus-selling and unfriendly customer service – we don’t do that. We’ll tell it to you straight and sell you the product that is right for you.

Since 2019, PerformanceBike.com has been owned and operated by AMain Sports & Hobbies in Chico, California. As an online-focused retailer, we no longer run the network of stores that Performance Bicycle once had. Instead, we are committed to providing our online customers with industry-leading customer service, product selection, and shopping experience.

In 1981 Gary and Sharon Snook started Performance Bicycle as a family-run catalog business. Over the years Performance Bicycle grew into a large internet retailer and opened over 100 brick-and-mortar bicycle shops throughout the US. However, the company ran into hard times and was eventually sold at auction to AMain Sports & Hobbies.

A powerhouse in the hobbies industry, AMain was started by Kendall and Kelly Bennett in 2004. While the company has its roots in RC racing, Kendall is also an avid cyclist. In 2014, AMain expanded into cycling with the purchase of Cyclesport Chico and the launch of AMain Cycling. Today, Performance Bicycle is the focus of AMain’s cycling division along with BMX sister site Dan’s Comp.

If you find yourself in Northern California, stop by the Performance Bicycle Chico Store and say hi. Our retail staff can point you towards the best local roads and trails or help you find the gear you’re looking for.