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Topeak Extra-Long Presta Valve Extension

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Deep-section rims are great for aerodynamics, but they're not compatible with the short valves found on standard tubes and tubular tires. The Topeak valve extender adds length to short valves, so you'll never find yourself stuck by the roadside with a flat and a replacement tube you can't inflate. The 78mm long Topeak extra-long Presta valve extender is precision-machined from aircraft aluminum and screws onto the tube's original valve, providing enough additional length to clear your aero rim and engage your pump's chuck. A rod inside the valve extender screws onto the original valve's lock nut, allowing you to close the valve to prevent accidental air leakage. Throw a Topeak Presta valve extender in your saddle wedge or jersey pocket and you and your riding buds will be good to go no matter what.
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