SRAM Red 1090 R2C 10-Speed Aero Shifters

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RC2 is shorthand for "Return To Center." And it's the best thing that's happened to Time Trial bar end shifters in a long time. The SRAM Red 1090 R2C bar end shift lever instantly returns to the center position after every shift, eliminating the need to over-extend your hand to grab the next gear. You stay more aerodynamic, more relaxed, and more focused on going faster. The SRAM R2C aero shifters feature a slender, ergonomically shaped carbon lever that fits neatly between your thumb and forefinger for a secure, comfortable grip. The center position is 100 percent customizable via an internal titanium bolt that allows you to adjust the center position within a 40-degree range. Gear changes are fast and precise thanks to fully indexed shifting front and rear.
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