DynaPlug Plugger - Three Favorites

Dynaplug Favorites

Our three favorite Dynaplugs, and why we like 'em


The rugged, functionalist DynaPlugger is a great value! Though heavier than its 6061 and carbon fiber kin, it still only weighs 35 grams. A thread-on tip protects your plug, the tool's large nylon body makes it easy to apply enough force to push your plug into your tire, and it has a removable end cap to provide secure storage for extra plugs! We love the Dynaplugger for its economy and its ease of use.

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Racer Pro

Dynaplug's Racer Pro is the new, improved version of its legendary Racer. It can store up to four pre-loaded plugs for quick application when time matters most, and it comes equipped with a megaplug for oversized punctures. If you find yourself needing more plugs for a nasty sidewall gash, just flip the tool over, unthread its Twin Tube, and start applying! We love the Racer Pro for its size and functionality.

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Carbon Racer

Made of nylon, carbon, and glass-fill fibers, the Carbon Racer is Dynaplug's lightest, fastest tool. Weighing only 14 grams and packing two applicators, the Carbon Racer is ready to plug tough punctures on the fly to get you back in the race. It includes a mount that fits beneath your water bottle cage for ease of access during those critical moments when seconds make the difference between standing on the podium and going home early. We love the Carbon Racer for its no-nonsense, lightweight design.

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Honorable Mention: Dynaplug Air

With a slightly steeper learning curve and a little more bulk than its peers, the Dynaplug Air doesn't quite make our list. However, it is unique in Dynaplug's lineup in that it can both plug a puncture and inflate your tire at the same time. As both a Dynaplug and a CO2 inflator, the Air is two tools in one! We love it for its all-inclusive design.

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