Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer w/ Riser Block & Sweat Net

Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer w/ Riser Block & Sweat Net
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The Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer is the go-to in terms of an excellent, quiet, powerful and easy-to-use trainer. Different from a standard fluid unit, this trainer combines a gravity-style trainer frame to prop your bike against a fluid resistance roller. The fluid roller builds resistance as you ride harder since it's paired with the pressure of the riders weight via the gravity designed frame, the pressure gets harder with no calibration required. This trainer folds down easily and is perfectly sized for packing along in a car so you can warm-up/warm-down for events.

This quality Italian-made trainer comes with a front wheel riser block as well as a sweat net. The riser block enables you to level out your bike for your training sessions while the sweat-catcher protects your frame from dripping perspiration. 


  • General:
    • Fluid resistance produces progressive resistance that increases as your wheel speed increases, so the faster you ride, the harder you have to work -- just like the road
    • Fast Fixing clamping system with an automatic locking lever and one-handed approach for easy, safe, and fast bike attachment and removal
    • Folds compactly for storage or transport
    • Increased range of leaning area and optimal bike-to-athlete-center-of-mass in relation to the frame which improves stability and allows safer training at high speeds and power outputs
  • Qubo Fluid Resistant Roller:
    • Generates a greater range of resistance from low to high, especially at high speeds
    • High resistance levels can be obtained at low speeds because of roller flywheel oil viscosity
  • Elite Sweat-Catcher Protec:
    • Keeps your bike free of corrosive sweat and other yucky stuff like snot, spit, fluid you try to flush into your body while suffering, the whole shebang
    • Dual material, synthetic absorbing material on the top, neoprene water-proof material on the bottom
    • Installs in seconds on virtually any bike between seatpost and handlebar 

Made in: Italy 
Compatibility: Standard QR system 

  • Qubo Fluid Trainer Frame
  • Qubo Fluid Unit
  • Sweat-catcher  
  • Front wheel riser block
  • QR skewer 
  • Allen key with replacement bolts & hardware

Note: The Elite is compatible with the Zwift Virtual Powercurve when used with an ANT+ speed/cadence sensor.

This product was added to our catalog on June 26, 2019

Verified Owner
Sunday, Jun 14 2020 (about a year ago)
Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer w/ Riser Block & Sweat Net
I purchased this trainer back in March when the local Y closed and we were going into lock-down. I am a long-time road bike and spin bike rider, and needed a means by which to ride regularly to keep up my fitness and stay mentally healthy.

Overall impression is this is a reasonably well-made product and it is easy to setup and use. I have used this trainer with my road bike 3 times a week, an hour at a time, for 10 weeks now. Plus, we recently bought a bike for my wife who is getting back into riding, and she has used it as well a few times a week for about 5 weeks. So, plenty of time/miles to provide a few comments on this product.

I have had a few other trainers over the years, and they are all a little noisy. In general, this trainer is OK on the noise level with one exception...over the last 4-6 weeks it has developed a loud noise that comes and goes, and my best guess at this point is it is coming from the plastic shell vibrating/rubbing against the metal frame. I have tightened all screws and plan to investigate further, so we'll see.

My other comment on this trainer is that the fluid resistance unit takes some time during each ride to provide consistent resistance. Within the first 10-15 minutes of my ride, when in higher gears, I can feel the resistance varying in the pedals even though I am pedaling the same speed in the same gear. Given this is a fluid trainer, and the fluid resistance unit is cast with cooling fins, I suspect the resistance is varying at a given bike gear/wheel speed because the fluid is heating up...once it reaches a steady temperature all is good. Not sure if this is normal or not (other trainers previously owned were all magnetic resistance), but it is a little bothersome.

I'd love to hear from Nashbar and/or the manufacturer on my comments above. This is a good product that could be so much better if there were ways to eliminate the periodic loud noise/vibration and the varying resistance.
Verified Owner
Saturday, May 16 2020 (about a year ago)
Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer w/ Riser Block & Sweat Net
The trainer arrived as described, easy to set up. after about 100 miles it is performing as stated. the only knock I would detail is that there is no notice given of the excess wear and tear on the rear wheel. I believe within another 100-150 miles the rear tire will fail and need to be replaced.
Sunday, Apr 26 2020 (about a year ago)
Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer w/ Riser Block & Sweat Net
Nashbar used to sell a version of this branded under their own name. It's the exact same unit, only painted black and yellow (actually the wheel skewer even says "Elite" on it) and it was sold in 2 varieties; this version, and one with a 6-stage, cable-actuated resistance adjustment. About 5 years ago I bought the one with the resistance adjustment and used it for maybe 4 months. It worked fine, and the resistance adjustment feature was great to have, but I wound up joining a gym and started taking spin classes there so I folded my trainer and slid it under the work bench in my basement.

Fast-forward 5 years now to the COVID-19 pandemic emergency...with all gyms closed I decided to pull out my trainer so I could keep my bike fitness fresh. I set everything up, hopped on, and found the fluid unit offered no resistance anymore! I cycled the 6-position selector through all the resistance positions and it didn't do anything! I got off and confirmed that the cable was still attached and moving, and it in fact was. Best I can tell, the fluid has leaked out during storage and there's nothing inside the unit anymore to create wheel resistance.

All-in-all, very disappointing. About 4 months of actual use, followed by 5ish years of it just sitting there, out of the way, well protected from impact and temperature extremes, and it's about as functional as a unit I could've paid half as much for. I can see from the picture on this site that Elite is still using the same fluid unit as the one I have, so I just caution you to beware of long-term reliability. If I'd actually used it 3 times a week long-term instead of for just 4 months, I wonder if it would've even lasted through the year.

I'll give it 2 stars because it was nice when it worked, and the physical design of it is pretty good; it's easy to set up and plenty stable, I just wish it still worked so I could actually get a workout!
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Apr 15 2020 (about a year ago)
Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer w/ Riser Block & Sweat Net
I received my Elite Qubo Fluid trainer and it was easy to set up. I did my first ride for one and one half hours. The trainer was louder than I expected. When I got off my bike I saw that my rear tire was almost completely worn off by 1 ride. It was a good road bike tire (Vrederstein Fortezza Pro Comp). It had a lot of tread on it before I started. I text spoke to Chris at Performance who was the first person to tell me to use a trainer tire and not a road tire but he had never seen a tire wear so quickly. He put me in contact with the distributor who assured me the trainer was fine. That I needed a trainer tire. The Elite company in Italy confirmed. Performance never answered my email.

Performance should tell potential buyers of trainers that you need a trainer tire when you are looking at the item on their website. I knew nothing about trainers. I bought it because I wanted to keep riding during COVID.

I like the trainer and would have given it a good rating but Performance deserves a bad rating. I think I will order the trainer tire and a new rear tire from someone else.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Apr 4 2020 (about a year ago)
Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer w/ Riser Block & Sweat Net
The Elite Qubo Fluid trainer was just as advertised. It was easy to set up and attach the bike. During the stay-at-home order I needed some form of exercise since the gyms have all closed
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jan 30 2020 (about a year ago)
Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer w/ Riser Block & Sweat Net
This trainer is easy to set up and store. Plus it is not as noisy as other trainers that I have used. Very smooth as it transitions to more resistance when you intensify your workout. I highly recommend it for the price point.
Verified Owner
Sunday, Dec 1 2019 (about a year ago)
Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer w/ Riser Block & Sweat Net
This is my first trainer and I’d definitely recommend it. Set-up was accomplished in minutes. All that’s needed is to change skewers and adjust the clamp to fit the rear wheel. The feel is as advertised, very much like road feel resistance as one shifts to higher gears. I was concerned about the noise, but it’s much quieter than I expected. Headphones aren’t necessary unless high fidelity is desired. The fluid unit produced a low hum and as the RPMs increase a higher pitch whine becomes evident, but again, it’s quite tolerable. After using the unit a few times I wonder if I would have preferred a unit that’s Zwift compatible. Apparently this one is not.