Fabric ALM Ultimate Saddle (Black)

Fabric ALM Ultimate Saddle (Black)
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Fabric is the hot new saddle brand on the market, thanks to their amazing mix of comfort, performance, and unique construction. Of all the Fabric models, the ALM has been grabbing all the headlines wherever it goes, thanks to its first-in-the-industry design. Designed in partnership with engineers from Airbus Group Innovation and using new manufacturing processes, the ALM pushes the boundaries of saddle designs, and takes advantages of the unique properties of carbon fiber to achieve something remarkable (and incredibly lightweight...). </p> <p>The first thing you'll notice about the ALM is the unique, organic form. This is because the entire saddle is one piece. The rails are aren't bonded to the shell, they are part of it. By creating a one-piece rail/shell system, the engineers were free to tune the saddle for a previously impossible ride quality. They moved the rear mounting points of the rails to the edge of the base, opening up the center of the saddle for more flexibility. With a normal saddle, this would make the outside of the saddle stiffer and more uncomfortable, but with the ALM the rails were designed to act like a leaf spring that actually dampens vibration and improves flex across the entire saddle area. A vacuum bonded cover with ultra-lightweight PU foam caps off the saddle, keeping the weight low and optimizing comfort. The ALM was only introduced this year, but has become an instant classic for both design and function. </p>

This product is expected to become available for purchase on Sunday, August 8, 2021

Fabric Saddles are designed to optimize riding position. Choose the profile that best suits your riding style.  

ProfileRiding PositionHandlebar PositionPaddingShape
FlatAggressiveLower Than SaddleLowFlat Rear, Thinner Nose
ShallowNaturalSlightly Lower Than SaddleMediumMore Rounded Rear
RadiusUprightSlightly Higher Than SaddleMaximumMost Rounded Rear

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