Finish Line WAX Lube, 2oz Drip

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Finish Line Krytech Paraffin Lube.
  • New M2 formula uses DuPont's metal bonding Krytox lubricating film in combination with M2 molybdenum
  • Dry, hard wax lubricant that keeps parts clean
Size:2oz drip
Hazmat No Air Ship:yes
Tuesday, Mar 26 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Finish Line WAX Lube, 2oz Drip
You really need to try this lube to appreciate how clean and how low friction a lube can be. In terms of how clean
it stays, I can compare it to other super clean lubes like Rock & Roll Red, Nashbar Dry Lube, and ProGold Prolink which I also have extensively used as well. All of these lubes are excellent but there is no doubt in my mind that Finishline Wax is the lowest friction, fastest lube there is. I would rate R&R Red a close second and it lasts a little longer so consider this lube too for ultimate cleanliness and ultra performance. Finishline Wax is probably also one of the least durable lubes but if you reapply as needed it is so clean you may never have to fully clean your chain again. When it does lose its effectiveness, the chain will make a faint chirping noise such that you could just wait for that noise as it is somewhat tolerable. Otherwise, it probably has about a 200 mile limit but conditions determine everything. If you want to minimize friction and stay clean, this is the lube and if you frequently re-lube, you will not need to clean the chain or pulleys again as re-lube does it effectively. Thus, imagine just ragging your chain after each ride, re-lubing after every 3-7 rides as needed, and that's it, no messy full cleaning of the drive train again. Oh, and you are now faster due to the lowest friction lube. Beware of people who claim other lubes are lower friction or are even "just as good". R&R Red
is the only lube I know that competes on both levels of cleanliness and low friction. As good as Prolink is for cleanliness and durability, it is watts away from being as low friction as the better wax lubes so consider Prolink if a few watts here or there don't
matter and you just want cleanliness and durability, that is the way to go and ProLink Extreme is now out there. I do have some limited experience with WD40 Dry Lube and can only say that you could do much worse, it is a good clean, durable lube but have not seen friction results on it. It does not build up on the pulleys and make black oxide on the chain immediately like most of all the other lubes do. Thus, I recommend the few truly clean lubes out there as you spend less time overall maintaining your bike.