Fuji Bikes Fuji Transonic SL Frameset - 2016 (Carbon/Orange)

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Speed with handling is the holy grail of aero bikes and the new Fuji Transonic frame is designed to give the aspiring crit or sprint rider all that and more. Built around years of aero research, the Transonic takes the best features of the beloved SST model as well as the Norcom Straight and Track Elite models to give you a frame that will make you feel like you belong at the round table. Or the medal stand.</p> <p>Fuji engineers spent countless hours wind-tunnel testing the Transonic frame to ensure that it's not only the most aero they could make it, but that it handles in the real world too. While pure aero shapes may cut the wind, the rigidity of the frame can be compromised by a lack of stiffness. What good is aero if your frame is flexing? Crosswinds, too, can affect control and handling, so pure areo won't cut it on the mean streets of a crit circuit. To solve this problem, Fuji uses a wide cross-section tube shape made from C10 high modulus carbon fiber that cuts through the wind but increases stiffness, and increases your control of the bike at speed.</p> <p>Next they introduced an aerodynamically contoured head tube-fork-down tube junction that blends the frame areas together to ensure smooth, uninterrupted airflow over the front of the bike and across the down tube. The seat tube-seatstay junction is sculpted to reduce turbulent air exiting the seat tube. Add an aero seat post with an integrated seat clamp that produces cleaner airflow, plus a roughened surface on the front of the seat post to ensure the post doesn't slip. The seat tube is also contoured around the rear wheel to minimize drag. Finally, the carbon monocoque FC-330 fork with a tapered steerer will slice the wind but give you confident handling. At a shade over 1000 grams, the Fuji Transonic Frame will make you faster, more aero, and more competitive in your races. Just warn your friends about the sonic boom.</p>

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