Fuji Bikes Fuji Transonic SL Road Bike - 2016 (Carbon/Orange)

Fuji Bikes Fuji Transonic SL Road Bike - 2016 (Carbon/Orange)
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Aero is the new buzzword in the cycling industry, and it's much more than just hype. Study after study has shown that aerodynamics trumps weight on all but the highest mountain passes. But that doesn't mean you can't have both. The Fuji Transonic SL delivers the latest in aerodynamic technology and design, but in a lightweight package. So you can drill it off the front when the road is flat or rolling, and still hang with the skinny guys when the gradient starts ticking up.</p> <p>The Fuji Transonic SL Road Bike is the result of years of aerodynamic research and engineering. Fuji was one of the first companies to go "aero" with their beloved SST model. They've evolved the concept further, taking lessons learned from the development of their other super bikes, the Norcom Straight and Track Elite, plus input from their pro riders on the Caja-Rural pro team, who have ridden the bike to victory after victory in 2016.<p> <p>The Fuji Transonic SL frame has been design to help you cut through the wind. Fuji's engineers spent several years wind-tunnel testing and FEA-modeling the Transonic frame to achieve the right shape to help you gain an advantage on your competitors. They found that while aerofoil shapes may be aerodynamically efficient, they compromise the rigidity of the frame. They also don't perform as well in a cross-wind, and can compromise your control of the bike To solve this problem, Fuji uses a wide cross-section tube shape made from C10 high modulus carbon fiber that cuts through the wind but increases stiffness, and increases your control of the bike at speed. <p> <p>They also borrowed some of the most successful wind-cheating elements of their hyper-fast Track Elite and Norcom Straight TT models. An aerodynamically contoured head tube-fork-downtube junction blends the frame areas together to ensure smooth, uninterrupted airflow over the front of the bike and across the downtube. The seat tube-seatstay junction is sculpted to reduce turbulent air exiting the seat tube -- in the Transonic's case, contoured around the rear brake to shield it from the wind. An aero seat post with an integrated seat clamp that produces cleaner airflow, plus a roughened surface on the front of the seat post to ensure the post doesn't slip. The seat tube is also contoured around the rear wheel to minimize drag. <p> <p>But having a super aero frame is only half the battle. With the Transonic SL, Fuji wanted to push the envelope and see if they could create a bike that would impress not only sprinters, but climbers as well. To push the weight down as much as possible, they got creative with component selection. SRAM Red 22 gives you the lightest weight gruppo currently available, giving you significant weight savings over Shimano Dura-Ace or Campagnolo Super Record. SRAM Red 22 also delivers True 22 shifting, which lets you cross-chain your heart out without worrying about front derailleur rub, and YAW front derailleur technology for the best front shifting available.<p> <p>Rounding out the package is a bevy of carbon. Oval Concepts R910SL carbon bars, Oval 913 carbon wrapped stem, aerodynamic Transonic seatpost, and a pair of super aerodynamic and ultra-lightweight Oval Concepts 950 carbon clinchers wrapped up in Vittoria Open Corsa CX tires. TRP provides direct mount bakes that hide from the wind.<p> <p>If you're looking for a bike that truly delivers the ultimate in performance in any terrain, from flatland sprints to high mountain passes, the Fuji Transonic is the bike for you.</p>

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