Fuji Gran Fondo 2.5 Disc Road Bike - 2016 (Orange) (56)

Fuji Gran Fondo 2.5 Disc Road Bike - 2016 (Orange) (56)
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The Fuji Gran Fondo has made its name for the very ride that it was designed to tackle: the Gran Fondo. Gran Fondos are often long, arduous rides where rider camaraderie and comfort are pivotal to enjoyment. The routes are usually vary in mileage and provide beautiful scenery to riders of all abilities. For such an event, you need a bike that can perform flawlessly, but provide the comfort and handling you need for a long haul. The Fuji Gran Fondo 2.5 Disc road bike is such a bike. Incredible forethought went into its carbon design and production. <p>Using a longer head tube than a traditional race bike, about 10mm on a 55cm frame, the Gran Fondo creates a slightly more upright rider position in order to stave off upper body fatigue on longer rides. The Gran Fondo frame is made from a high modulus carbon blend. High modulus is an engineering term which defines stiffness in fibers. Therefore, a high modulus frame has a stiffer blend of fibers which results in less flex and better transmission of power spent. Carbon fiber, used for much of its modern life in the aerospace industry, is a valuable high performance product for its lightweight, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion properties. The new Gran Fondo Disc frames also feature Fuji's revolutionary VRTec frame design. In a nutshell, VRTec inserts a natural vibration dampening material into the carbon layup in key areas to improve rider comfort without impacting performance. Fuji studied how road feedback impacts rider fatigue, and realized that the fork, chainstrays and seatstays were the main transmitters of road chatter to the rider's body. To combat this, Fuji incorporated VRTec into the carbon layup in these key areas to maximize comfort, which in turn maximizes performance. The carbon frame is further refined with a Shimano press fit bottom bracket and tapered head tube. An oversized bottom bracket creates more surface area to attach the down and seat tubes, thereby creating a very stiff pedaling area. The larger press fit design also allows Fuji to move the frame material around, thinning out the seat stays and strengthening the chain stays, which puts the carbon where it matters to you most. The tapered head tube stiffens the front end of the bike for better power transmission.</p> <p>Do you like precision? How about low weight and ergonomics? Good, we do too. That's why Shimano's 105 11-speed components were the natural choice for the Gran Fondo 2.5 Disc. Gorgeous cosmetic finishes, incredible precision and perfect functionality; it's all here. And, with a compact Shimano 105 crankset matched to a 105 11/28 11-speed cassette, the 2.5 Disc can handle just about any ascent or descent on said epic ride. However, we all know that a wheel set can make or break any ride, no matter its length. The low spoke count Vera Corsa DPD22's spin up fast and furious, and thanks to the Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Slick tires, they delivering maximum acceleration in and out of every corner. Add in the durable finish and performance of an Oval Concepts handlebar, stem, seat post and saddle, and you have a Gran Fondo capable of leading the way to any weekend adventure.</p>

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