Fuji Gran Fondo Elite Road Bike - 2017 (Carbon/Red) (54)

Fuji Gran Fondo Elite Road Bike - 2017 (Carbon/Red) (54)
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<p>It's no secret that Gran Fondos are more popular than ever, with thousands of riders signing up for these timed century rides every weekend. Now that you've been putting the miles in yourself, isn't time you got a bike that designed specifically for long rides and see what you've got? The Fuji Gran Fondo Elite is just that bike.</p> <p>The Gran Fondo frame is made from Fuji's proprietary C10 high modulus carbon blend. High modulus is an engineering term that defines stiffness in fibers. Therefore, a high modulus frame has a stiffer blend of fibers, which results in less flex and better transmission of power. Stiffer material allows the designers to shape or contour tubes so you get stiffness where you need it and flex in other places, which translates into a more comfortable and faster ride. Carbon has a natural feel to it as well, and over long rides the quality of your frame will mean the difference between suffering or celebrating your Gran Fondo finish. The new Gran Fondo Elite frames also feature Fuji's revolutionary VRTec frame design. VRTec inserts a natural vibration dampening material into the carbon layup in specific areas to improve rider comfort without impacting performance. The C10 frame is further refined with a SRAM Red PF-30 ceramic bearing bottom bracket, used by many of the top pros on the circuit. The PF-30 has low friction seals and Gutter Seal Technology, which keeps mud and water out of the bearings. The bearings themselves are ceramic and far superior to stainless steel alternatives. The result is greater pedal power transfer, less friction, and greater durability. Just what you want on a bike designed for long rides. Finally, the Gran Fondo Elite has a slightly longer head tube than a traditional road bike, giving you a slightly more upright riding position. A happy back means a happy bike rider. </p> <p>Let's talk about the nervous system of the Gran Fondo Elite, the SRAM Red components, especially the e-Tap shifting system. Introduced at Eurobike in 2015, the SRAM Red e-Tap system bring electronic shifting to your fingertips. The system has an incredibly long battery life (1000 kms) and is 128-bit encrypted for worry and jam-free riding. No more cables and housings to fret about, just smooth as silk gear changes; you'll swear this bike is reading your mind. And maybe it is. The SRAM Red e-Tap derailleurs feature Exact Actuation technology, which allows for multi-gear shifts with extended depression of the shift point so you can quickly lower or increase your gearing when the terrain changes dramatically or you're preparing for that mad sprint. The front derailleur employs SRAM's Yaw technology, which angles the cage ever so slightly as the chain runs across the cassette. This helps maintain a consistent chain line, reduces chain rub, and increases efficiency for precision shifting across the entire range of gears. </p> <p>As the day heats up you need reliable brakes, and the SRAM Red FM Hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors are up to the challenge. Go ahead and attack that long descent, you've got precise stopping power at your fingertips. Fuji's justly lauded Oval Concepts cockpit components are state-of-the art and give you carbon seat posts and a saddle that will support you comfortably for mile after mile. The Oval Concept carbon handlebars are designed for ergonomic comfort while keeping you aero and cutting the wind. The wheelset is the Oval Concept 924 carbon disc wheel. When paired with the Vittoria Open Corsa, one of the fastest racing tires around, you've got a fast-rolling, watt-shedding wheelset that is sure to get you across the finish line ahead of the pack. Add these features up and the Fuji Gran Fondo Elite might just be the ultimate long-riding bike on the market today. </p>

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