KTM Bicycles KTM Macina Cross 10 CX4 Electric Hybrid Bike (Black)

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<p>The KTM Macina Cross 10 CX4 is a bike unlike any other. It features the new Bosch Performance Line CX motor with a 400 Wh power source. This means that the bike will carry you at speeds upwards of 20 miles per hour without you even having to break a sweat. Tackling that huge hill in your neighborhood is only going to be the start as you pedal with power over hill and mountain. You will see sights from the seat of your bicycle that you never thought possible as technology goes to work for you, getting you places quickly and comfortably while still allowing you to be outside and move your legs. </p> <p>The Macina Cross 10 starts with a stiff aluminum frame, perfect for maximizing power output from the motor without breaking your back every time you need to pick it up. KTM knows you're going to be spending a lot of time on this beautiful bike however so they have outfitted it with a Suntour NCX fork giving you smooth suspension under your hands to take the edge off of any bumps or potholes you may come across. They have also outfitted the bike with a Shimano shifter and rear derailleur as well as hydraulic disc brakes so you have total control over the speed and braking. </p> <p>Get ready to go farther than you thought possible with the new KTM Macina Cross 10. Chase down the fittest athlete and smile as you cruise by on your way to the top of the hill, then soak up the sights and the sun before heading back home. The KTM Macina Cross 10 is pure bicycle fun!</p>

This product was added to our catalog on February 18, 2019