Merino Wool: The Best Winter Socks

Socks for all seasons.
Keeping you dry & sweat-free all while being soft & comfortable!

Why are wool socks better?

Shorn from Merino sheep, Merino wool is a natural fiber that is softer and thinner than regular wool. This makes for amazing next-to-skin comfort.

1. Temperature Regulation

Merino wool socks are excellent when it's cold outside. The natural pattern of the fiber is crimped and bent which traps air to keep you well insulated. In warmer conditions, these fibers transport sweat away from the skin quickly, keeping you cool and dry.

2. Dry & sweat-free

Inherently porous, Merino transports sweat away from the skin as a vapor, so your socks never get wet and clammy.

3. Soft & Comfortable

A third of the diameter of a single human hair, Merino yarn is super fine, making it incredibly soft. Unlike traditional wool, Merino bends much better, making it soft to the touch rather than prickly.

4. Never stinks!

Merino socks are unique in that they trap and absorb odor-causing bacteria, so you can wear merino wool for longer without having to worry about the smell.

Our Favorite Merino Socks:

Castelli Merino Socks


Pearl Izumi Merino Socks


Sockguy Merino Socks


Swiftwick Merino Socks


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