Presented by NorCal Cycling

We’ve partnered with one of our favorite YouTube channels, Nor Cal Cycling, to help bring you a new series of training videos: Couch-to-Crit. Host Jeff Linder shares his experience from 15 years of racing all over the country. Settle in and take notes as a Category 1 racer takes you from couch fitness to criterium (aka ‘Crit’) success.

Episode 4

Hop in a time machine and check out the bikes Jeff has been racing for the past 10 years. See all the upgrades he has made over time and which he thinks were the most beneficial.

It can be easy to think that you need the lightest and stiffest bike on the market to have success in criteriums, but that is simply not true. Factors like overall fitness and racing tactics far outweigh a marginally faster bike. But, we are all in this sport to have fun, and we won’t lie, new bikes or bike parts are part of that fun! And when we do have money to spend it can aid in training and even be some motivation to get out the door.

A good place to spend some money is on a power meter. When used correctly it will help you maximize your training take your racing to the next level.