Roval Rapide CLX II & Alpinist CLX II Tubeless Wheelsets

Roval Rapide CLX II & Alpinist CLX II
tubeless Wheelset

The fastest wheels got even faster.

With the most recent updates to the Rapide and Alpinist CLX wheelsets, Roval has added tubeless compatibility to the list of already category-dominating specs boasted by their top-tier wheels.

Winning Wheels: The most World Tour wins in 2020 and 2021

In the 2020 and 2021 road racing seasons, 155 World Tour races were won on Rapide and Alpinist CLX wheelsets – making them easily the most winning wheels in the world. For everything from cobbled classics to mountainous Grand Tour stages, Roval CLX wheels have what it takes to win.

Tubeless: Optimal Rolling Resistance

While the first iteration of CLX wheels were clearly fast, they lacked the durability to be safely used with tubeless tire systems. The CLX II wheelsets now feature increased durability while remaining light and stiff. In recent years, road tubeless technology has advanced rapidly. With the ability to run lower pressures, tubeless tires offer a smoother ride which leads to faster speeds – especially when riding over subpair road surfaces.

Specialized estimates that the average rolling resistance reduction from using tubeless is 8%. On a road bike at 25 miles per hour, that’s around 3.5 watts saved. To top it off, a tubeless system with sealant will essentially repair itself. Small punctures often seal so quickly that the rider doesn’t even notice anything was wrong.

Impact Testing: Durability Guaranteed

To create a stronger wheel—rather than alter their already optimized shape and profile—Roval further refined the carbon layup and materials of the CLX II wheelsets. The result is a durable wheel with top specs for speed and handling. Roval put it to the test and found that the latest CLX wheels can survive a 60 Joule impact without damage (UCI tests for rim impact top out at 40 Joules). This is excellent for safety and provides riders with confidence that their gear will perform when put to the test.

Rapide CLX II: Fast and Stiff

Designed for aerodynamics and handling, the Rapide CLX II wheelset features individually crafted front and rear rim profiles, which Roval claims increases stability in crosswinds by up to 25%. These wheels are ready for all-out racing with a system weight of 1520g along with deep aero rims (51mm front, 60mm rear). Tying it all together, wind-defying AeroFlange hubs with ceramic SINC bearings and DT Swiss EXP internals balance weight savings and durability.

Rapide CLX II Front and Rear Rim Profiles:

Alpinist CLX II: No Excess Grams

A pure climbing wheelset that still performs like an all-rounder, the Alpinist CLX II weighs in at only 1265g for the set. With 33mm rims and LFD hubs, Roval carves out grams whenever possible – making the Alpinist CLX II a gravity defying miracle. Lightweight but durable, this wheelset is perfect for big days in the mountains or that elusive KOM/QOM attempt.

Wheels for your superbike:

Roval Rapide CLX II

  • Top-of-the-line, super stiff and aero racing wheelset
  • Optimized for stiffness and crosswind stability
  • Rim Depth: 51mm (Front), 60mm (Rear)
  • Outer Rim Width: 35mm (Front), 30.7mm (Rear)
  • Inner Rim Width: 21mm
  • Roval AFD AeroFlange hubs
  • No Fault Crash Replacement Policy
  • 1520g (Set, Includes Tubeless Tape & Valve)
  • $2,800 (Set)


Roval Alpinist CLX II

  • Top-of-the-line lightweight climbing wheelset
  • Every gram serves a purpose
  • Rim Depth: 33mm
  • Outer Rim Width: 27mm
  • Inner Rim Width: 21mm
  • Roval LFD Hubs (50 grams lighter per pair than previous Alpinist hubs)
  • No Fault Crash Replacement Policy
  • 1265g (Set, Includes Tubeless Tape & Valve)
  • $2,650 (Set)


Wheels for riders who want speed without breaking the bank:

Roval Alpinist CL II

  • Economical climbing wheelset (still super light)
  • Great tech from the CLX model without the cost
  • Rim Depth: 33mm
  • Outer Rim Width: 27mm
  • Inner Rim Width: 21mm
  • DT Swiss 350 Hubs with sealed cartridge bearings
  • No Fault Crash Replacement Policy
  • 1352g (Set, Includes Tubeless Tape & Valve)
  • $1,700 (Set)


Roval Rapide C38

  • Fair-priced all-around carbon wheelset
  • Rim Depth: 38mm
  • Outer Rim Width: 26.6mm
  • Inner Rim Width: 21mm
  • DT Swiss 370 Hubs
  • No Fault Crash Replacement Policy
  • 1627g (Set, Includes Tubeless Tape & Valve)
  • $1,100 (Set)