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Accelerade All Natural Protein-Powered Sports Drink Mix - 60 Servings

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The new All Natural Accelerade still delivers its patented 4:1 blend of carbohydrates and protein, but now includes whey and soy proteins. These two proteins improve endurance, reduce muscle damage, increase rehydration and enhance the overall effectiveness of this Protein-Powered Sports drink mix. All Natural Accelerade is scientifically proven to reduce muscle and brain fatigue, so you can experience faster, better energy for your body and mind.
  • New, all-natural formula with whey and soy proteins
  • Compared to a conventional sports drink, Accelerade:
    • You will have 29% more endurance
    • You will rehydrate 40% better
    • Your muscles will recover 40% faster
    • You will lower your perceived exertion (n other words, you rock harder with less effort)
  • Whey protein is rapidly absorbed, fast-acting and contains a high percentage of specific amino acids known to improve exercise performance
  • Soy protein increases nutrient delivery to muscle cells and inhibits the release of brain fatigue signals
  • 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein enhances hydration, increases endurance, starts the rebuilding process of muscles damaged during exercise and speeds up muscle recovery after exercise
  • In 2006, researchers at St. Cloud University demonstrated that consuming Accelerade following cycling exercise significantly enhanced rehydration by 15% compared to a conventional sports drink and 40% compared to water
  • Take advantage of the sports drink that lets you train longer, harder with less post-ride muscle soreness
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