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OnGuard 8006 Pitbull Mini U-Lock

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Small in size but big on security, the 8006 Pitbull Mini U-lock is designed for commuters and urban riders who need a portable solution for bike safety. X4P Quattro Bolt Locking Mechanism secures all four sides of the hardened steel shackle and resists attack from prying, jacking, pulling or cutting. Z-Key Cylinder with BumpBlok protects against misuse and renders bump keys useless.
  • X4P Quattro Bolt Locking Mechanism delivers unequaled strength by locking the crossbar to the shackle on 4 sides, maximizing pull resistance
  • Massive, 14mm ultra-hardened steel shackle is impervious to prying, jacking or cutting
  • User-friendly, Z-Key Cylinder with BumpBlok and rotating dust cover puts pickers, pullers and drillers out of business
  • Round profile and smooth edges eliminate leverage points
  • Double rubber coated crossbars and shackles protect delicate finishes and paint jobs
  • Ultra-hardened, reinforced crossbar with anti-rattle bumpers
  • Anti-theft Protection offer
  • Includes All Tube multi-position QR mounting bracket and 5 laser cut keys (1 LED micro-light and 4 extra grip keys)
  • Micro-light key projects a bright white beam
  • U-Lock Dimensions: 3.55 x 5.52"
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