Profile Design F-19 Standard Pads

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Designed to fit specific Profile Design armrests, the Profile Design F-19 Standard Pads provide comfort, power and aerodynamics while you ride. 16mm thick EVA foam with antimicrobial Lycra cover soaks up rough terrain and enhances stability. Large surface area offers pressure relief and contoured edges ensure long-term comfort.
  • Large surface area with contoured edges to support and relieve pressure points
  • 16mm EVA foam Velcro pad attaches directly to armrest without additional straps
  • Standard Pads have an antibacterial/antimicrobial Lycra cover while the 16mm EVA foam helps damp road shock and offers a stable platform
  • Pads have Velcro back for easy replacement
  • Contoured edges for a solid and comfortable fit
  • Attaches to the F-19 Armrest that come stock on the Profile Design ZBS, T-Series and AirStryke
  • Sold as a pair
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