Profile Design F-35 Lux Pads

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Designed to fit specific Profile Design armrests, the Profile Design F-35 Lux Pads provide comfort, power and aerodynamics while you ride. 21mm thick EVA foam with antimicrobial Lycra cover has the highest padding in the F-35 lineup for maximum vibration damping and stability. Large surface area offers pressure relief and contoured edges ensure long-term comfort.
  • Large surface area with contoured edges to support and relieve pressure points
  • 21mm EVA foam Velcro pad attaches directly to armrest without additional straps
  • Lux Pads have an antibacterial/antimicrobial Lycra cover while the 21mm EVA foam maximizes comfort, damps vibrations and offers a stable platform
  • Pads have Velcro back for easy replacement
  • Contoured edges for a solid and comfortable fit
  • Attaches to the F-35a Aluminum Armrest, F-35c Carbon Armrest, F-35i Injected Armrest or F-35 AL Adjustable Armrest
  • Sold as a pair
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